Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Raiding Season Continues! Tilghman Island Plundered!!!

With a desire to exploit our successes of the previous day we plotted a much more challenging course in very "sporty" conditions. Exiting our protected hideaway in Herrington Harbour we spied Tilghman Island on the horizon. Legend has it the towns along the southern most shores of that inhospitable place hold incalculable wealth. We meant to make it ours and so, with a SE wind howling 23-26 kts and occasionally gusting to well over 30 kts, we threw a reef in the main, hoisted the staysail and made a solid 6 kts close hauled on a bearing of about 110 degrees towards our objective. 

Seeking to coax more speed from Corsair we unfurled the working jib about half way. Soon we were averaging about 7.5 kts and making great and exhilarating headway towards the Sharps Island Lighthouse. As we moved farther out into the Bay the waves built to a solid 4-6 feet with a short 4-6 sec period. This made for quite an exciting ride but Corsair with her clipper bow and full keel sliced effortlessly through these minor obstacles.   

At our departure we had noted several other sailing vessels plying the more sheltered waters of Herring Bay,  but now, after a good hour and a half,  we found ourselves all alone. With the wind and waves steadily increasing those sailors of lesser grit and determination had headed for shelter. The Bay was now ours and we reveled in the understanding that we were truly a hardy crew aboard a sturdy and capable ship. After closing with the southern tip of Tilghman Island we launched a "virtual broadside" towards our imagined landlocked foes and then, setting our eyes on the next prize, we executed a flawless jibe to 225 degrees.  An hour later we were closing on the pirate strong hold of Chesapeake Beach.  Receiving a salute of congratulations from the townsfolk who gathered along the sands to marvel at our prowess, we jibed again. Tracking at 5 degrees we relaxed to enjoy the fast downwind run back to our lair in Herrington Harbour.   Reaching sheltered waters behind Holland Pt we furled our sails and returned to port.  Once Corsair was again secure in her berth we went ashore to enjoy a hearty repast of a well-deserved meal and drinks at the Happy Harbor Tavern.

It was a great day to be free and on the seas!

Ahoy!  Thar be treasure on Tilghman Island!

Captain Caroline at the helm

Oh…. it's getting a bit bumpy….

Best cure for seasickness is to be "in charge!"

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