Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Bought A Boat and I Sailed Off In It"

I was shocked to see it's been almost two months since I updated this blog.  What the hell have I been doing??? Well, there has been quite a bit of sailing; both on S/V Corsair as well as S/V SeaSprite, my "other" boat.  (Read about her here - S/V SeaSprite)

Since I last reported in S/V Corsair has been underway four times.

4 May  - Herrington Harbour South to Galesville and Return

2 June - Herrington Harbour South to Tilghman Island and Return

16 June - Herrington Harbour to Poplar Island and Return

24 June - Herrington Harbour to Tilghman Island and Return

I feel like I am slowly gaining some level of moderate proficiency as a sailor but there is so much to learn.  These short day sails are already becoming monotonous as there is no sense of "going somewhere."  And, that is what I really want….to go somewhere!

A little adventure with S/V SeaSprite this weekend should help.  I am going to sail her from Regent Point Marina on the Rappahannock River up to Herrington Harbour North.  Check back on Monday to learn more about the trip.

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