Saturday, November 8, 2014

To Escape & Disappear on the Water

If anyone actually reads this blog then I must apologize for the complete dearth of new material over the last few months.  However, I have a great excuse; I was sailing….!

My eldest son, who lives in Dubai where he works as a Director of Photography and Filmmaker flew back to the US for a summer visit. Since completing ASA 101, 103, 104 combined course with Offshore Sailing School out of Ft Lauderdale last November he had not had much opportunity to sail and we were both excited about the chance to get back out on the water together. After arriving at Dulles International early on Saturday morning 12 July we drove straight to Herrington Harbour South and where we joined by my daughter and cast off the lines for our first overnight adventure on the Chesapeake Bay.  

The original plan was to sail to St Michael's, MD where we would spend the evening and then return but the prevailing wind was not favorable for that route so we shifted the destination to Oxford, MD. With a steady 12-15 knot wind we had a great sail down the west side of the Bay past Chesapeake Beach. Turning East and using the Sharpe's Island Light (which is reminiscent of the leaning tower of Pisa) as our marker we entered the Choptank River and continued East until heading North into the beautiful Tred Avon river. We took a slip at the Hinckley Yacht Services Marina and after tying up marched over to Schooners for some great food and entertainment.

Where are the dolphins?
Land Ho!


Amazing Antique Boats

S/V Corsair @ Hinckley Yacht Service Marina
Oxford, MD
Overnight the wind had picked up considerably and was now a steady 18-21 knots out of the North. We cast off early and with some trepidation as to what sort of conditions we would find out on the Bay. Once we entered the Choptank and raised the sails we quickly found ourselves healed over and running West at well over 7 knots.  Once we made the Bay proper the winds relented a degree and we enjoyed another fantastic day on the water finally returning S/V Corsair to her slip at HHS by mid-afternoon.

Most of the month of July was spent in the Outer Banks but I did get a chance to take S/V Corsair out for an afternoon sail with some friends at the end of the month.

And then on 7 August, the day of my son's flight back to Dubai we got in a nice day sail.

For the rest of August and the most of September poor S/V Corsair was dock-locked  due to international travel.  When I returned to the US I thought it wise to check on the condition of my running gear.  What I found was not that pretty!

I had long planned to sail up to Annapolis for the US Sailboat Show in mid-October and didn't want to have any problems with a fouled prop so I scheduled a short haul.

With the prop rid of those nasty barnacles S/V Corsair was ready to sail to Annapolis.

The US Sailboat Show trip was a real pleasure.  I had great crew and the weather and wind cooperated just enough that we sailed almost the entire way up and back and didn't freeze or get absolutely soaked.

Great crew!

Now winter is fast approaching but I am determined to get out on the water a couple more times before I have to winterize the marine diesel.  Stay tuned!

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