Saturday, March 15, 2014

Almost there….!

The weather continues to plague my efforts to complete winter projects.  We had a brief respite today with temps soaring into the 60s!  Unfortunately, the forecast for Monday is more snow.  Despite the best efforts of the weather gods it seems we will make the 25 March launch date.  After some stern "encouragement" Osprey Marine "tented" the boat and brought in propane heaters so they could complete the hull fairing, barrier coat and bottom paint.  When I arrived at Herrington Harbor North this morning the final coat of epoxy barrier was being applied and thanks to the rare warm and sunny day the final coat of anti-fouling bottom paint was applied in the afternoon.

Here is my first attempt at videography which provides a more detailed intro to S/V Corsair.  Surely, my skills will improve over time.

Finally,  I spent some time enjoying the sun while walking the docks.  I love looking at boats!!!

Only 10 days until launch!

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